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Limited Assistance Representation

Limited Assistance Representation is another way that YOU can retain control of your legal process. Atty. Joanna Cobleigh has been qualified to provide this service and is able to offer yet another, cost effective, way to resolve your disputes.
We all know that hiring a lawyer to “do it all” can be expensive, and often you can't afford that big retainer up front. You may only want a lawyer's advice as needed, but not their total involvement in your case. Or need a lawyer to help you fill out a court form, answer a complaint, or just write a letter. What if you want help negotiating the parenting piece of your divorce, but you and your spouse have worked out everything else? What if you want a lawyer just to accompany you to court for an upcoming motion, but you're not ready to hire them for the entire case? What if you and your spouse have worked out all the details in your divorce and just want the lawyer to “ghost write” the court papers for you?
Limited Assistance Representation (or “LAR”) allows an attorney to make a limited appearance on behalf of an unrepresented party for a specific purpose. It allows them to “ghost write” court documents for you. It allows them to negotiate on your behalf or advise you without full representation in court. LAR can help cut your legal costs by “unbundling” the services provided by a lawyer.
LAR encompasses a range of attorney-client relationships where the attorney handles part, but not all, of a legal matter. It can include everything from the traditional lawyer's role of rendering advice and counsel, to assistance with drafting of pleadings, to situations where the attorney actually appears in court for part of a legal proceeding. Each limited assistance arrangement is different, and is tailored depending on the complexity of the legal and factual issues presented, your ability to represent yourself, and by the professional judgment of the attorney regarding which parts of a case may be effectively segregated and reassigned.

Call Today for Limited Assistance Representation

In Massachusetts, only attorneys that have attended special training are able to provide LAR. If you're not sure you're ready for full legal representation, contact Atty. Cobleigh and see if she can help you with part of your case while you handle the rest. Call her at 413-224-2090 or email her at info@joannacobleigh.com.