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Divorce Mediation in the Springfield and Chicopee, MA, Areas

Mediation is a voluntary settlement process which uses an impartial person to help separating or divorcing couples reach informed decisions and develop mutually acceptable agreements. Mediation can be used for divorce and other family law issues, as well as general conflict resolution in families, organizations, and between neighbors.
While the primary goal of mediation is to resolve differences, mediation also promotes communication and cooperation which allows you to control the decisions that affect your life. Mediation is frequently less costly than litigation. Mediation benefits children and others involved by reducing conflict. Mediation can often be completed in less time than litigation allowing you to move ahead with your life.
Our divorce mediation lawyer in the Springfield, MA area
Attorney Joanna Cobleigh can show you that there is an effective alternative to settle differences rather than a costly courtroom battle. In Divorce and Domestic Partner mediation, couples can control the decisions that affect their life, family, children, finances, and business. Blended Family Arrangements, Parenting Plans, and Support Agreements address the changing needs of modern families which exist outside of marriage. Conflicts between extended family members, between neighbors, and within organizations can be addressed in the mediation process as well.
Joanna is a dispute mediator and a certified general member of the Massachusetts Council on Family Mediation, which is a professional organization dedicated to enhancing the practice and public understanding of conflict resolution through mediation. She can help people in conflict make practical, informed decisions to resolve the issues before them.

Also Serving Chicopee & Holyoke, MA

From http://www.maritalmediation.com/marital-mediation-or-marital-counseling/ used with permission.

Mediation is dispute resolution. Marriages are filled with disputes, big and small. When a couple has an unproductive manner of arguing and settling differences, the marriage suffers. If this problem is intractable and pervasive, the marriage can fail. The amazing thing is that it is often the tiny, petty, little annoyances in a marriage that take the greatest toll on married couples and can lead to divorce. These are easily identified and resolved by mediation techniques.

The marital mediator works with a couple to help them resolve ongoing specific disputes and negative recurring interactions. The emphasis is on analyzing the communication of the couple and training them to have more productive styles of negotiation. The marital mediator can notice disconnects and misunderstandings between the couple, even a couple who have been in a marriage of many years. These misunderstandings can be evident in the first half hour of a marital mediation session.

In addition, the marital mediator can work with specific financial issues in a very direct way, such as business issues, and financial planning issues that need to be resolved. This is because most marital mediators are divorce mediators, who are experienced in financial issues. These financial issues, if not resolved, can lead to divorce.

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